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About Dry Erase Calendars from OptiMA®

You won't find a better erasing dry erase writing surface than what we use with our calendars and there are so many options to select from. You can select one month, two, three, four, six month and full year or twelve month dry erase calendars and each one of those is available in either a magnetic or a non-magnetic format. Magnetic dry erase calendars allow you the use of magnets and magnetic accessories that may be really useful if you have task that repeat or happen many times in a month or other time frame. Magnetic accessories might include magnetic data card holders, colored magnetic write-on, wipe-off ribbons, colored magnetic indicators and more. You won't have the option of using any type of magnet with a non-magnetic calendar but unlike other products on the market our magnetic and non-magnetic calendars have the exact same high quality dry erase writing surface. The magnetic boards have a porcelain steel surface below the writing surface which allows the use of magnets. The writing surface on the top is our exclusive clear dry erase surface on both units. In addition to our framed wall mounted options we also offer a line of dry erase calendar decals with an easy to use peel-n-stick self-adhesive backing that attach directly to the wall or any smooth painted surface and if a calendar decal doesn't work for you then maybe our calendar magnets or refrigerator calendars can be a solution. Of course, if you don't see exactly what you need we have the capability of creating any kind of custom printed calendar that you need.